Find out where you are today and plan for your future


Planning is the essence of how we work with our clients to understand their needs and reach their goals. Some of the common questions we can assist you with are:

  • How much should I save?
  • When can I retire?
  • How do I get out of debt?
  • Can I afford that *insert desired luxury item* now or in 5 years?


When we work with clients in a planning capacity, it takes on many forms and can be totally customized to what you are looking for. Some of the planning packages we offer are:


Comprehensive Financial Plan

We sit with you over a number of meetings and complete (at a minimum) the following four steps:

  1. Discovery
    • During the first meeting we get to know you better and work together to understand your goals or to help you define them.
  2. Data Gather
    • Our second meeting is all about the numbers and data – where the money is now and where it is going.
  3. Strategy
    • This meeting (or meetings) is all about how we can make what you want to see work. How can we lower taxes? Can we retire earlier if we save more? Do I have enough?
  4. Delivery
    • This is our final meeting. We present our specific recommendations for your personal situation:
      • Specific dollar amounts to move/save/spend
      • Specific timelines to begin or end
      • Expenses
      • Sell or buy XYZ stocks
      • Etc.

This will be your step-by-step roadmap for your future. We know that life situations change, but it is a lot easier to make adjustments to an existing plan than to start from scratch with every change of event.

After delivery, depending on your situation, we can either help you implement all or most of our recommendations, or if you prefer to be a “do-it-yourself” investor, then we will have given you a roadmap to journey by yourself.

We charge a one-time fee for this process. (Price varies based on complexity, with an average cost of $750-$2,000, which you can pay upfront or on a monthly basis.)



Hourly Meetings

This is a package that offers multiple coaching sessions that can be scheduled on a monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis. This is a great option if you would like to have specific recommendations regarding where you should start and have someone walk through the process with you.

This can be tailored for individuals, families, and businesses.

We will help you track, focus, and build your knowledge in areas in which you are wanting to grow!

Areas include (but are not limited to):  -

-Budget and Cash Flow Analysis                        -Education   Funding                           

-Retirement Analysis                                              -Investment   Analysis                                               

-Investment Management                                   -Business Financial   Planning

-Insurance Analysis                                                 -Employee Benefits   Review

Hourly Rate is $100 for as needed basis.

Hourly Rate is $80 with 12 month/meeting committement. 


“I Hate This So Much I Want to Cry” Package

If you absolutely HATE finances, planning, and anything and everything that was just talked about this package is for you!

We will come to your house, go through the statements that you have been too afraid to open, look at your bills and investment accounts, and try to understand your general goals.

We will try to make your investing and planning life as automated as possible so that you will hopefully only have to look at things every 5-10 years – assuming no major life changes occur.

We know talking about finances can be scary, but ignoring them can be even scarier!  Prices for this package start at $2,500, depending on complexity.